AACC Tradeshow Advisor


Products, Technologies, and Services at AACC/Clinical Lab Expo 2012

Shopping for parts, components, services, and new technologies at the Clinical Lab Expo next week? You're in luck. Here's just a tiny sampling of what will be on display there.

The Man Behind the Meeting

It takes a village to create an event as comprehensive as AACC's annual meeting, and that village needs a leader. This year, that position is manned by Paolo Fortina, MD, PhD. Presented here are the highlights of Clinical Laboratory News's behind-the-scenes interview with Dr. Fortina about this year's meeting.

Introduction to the AACC Annual Meeting

2012 promises to be a banner year for the AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, with more than 2000 booths packed into the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Clinical Lab Expo 2012 Preview

Be a part of it: Clinical Lab Expo is the biggest clinical lab exposition in the world!

AACC 2012 Conference Preview

AACC has scheduled a plethora of session types during this year's AACC Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo    

Hooray for . . . AACC!

Since you're in Los Angeles, why not take in a movie? On Monday, July 16, the AACC’s History Division will premiere AACC—What a Great Idea, a film that takes an in-depth look at the association’s 50-plus years.


Discovering the City

Downtime in Downtown: Attractions Near the Los Angeles Convention Center

Think L.A. has little more to offer than smog and traffic congestion? Think again! While in La-La Land for AACC, spend your off hours immersing yourself in music history, magnificent architecture, or the infectious energy of tens of thousands of Dodger-Dog-devouring baseball fans.

Welcome to Hockeytown

Yes, you read that correctly. For the time being, anyway, Los Angeles has earned the nickname Hockeytown thanks to the Kings' winning the Stanley Cup for the first time ever!

Dining Out in Downtown L.A.

Consider this selection of restaurants when you venture outside of the convention center for lunch with clients or dinner with coworkers.