IVD Technology


IVD Technology is the only trade journal designed exclusively for manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic products. Written by leading experts in their fields, IVDT’s peer-reviewed articles cover a wide range of technical and regulatory topics. The publication’s primary focus is on diagnostics technologies--including research, development, and manufacturing.

IVDT articles contain authoritative information on all aspects of manufacturing immunoassays, nucleic-acid-based diagnostics, clinical chemistry tests, and related instrumentation. Each issue of the publication covers applied technology issues such as antibody development, substrate selection, purification, lyophilization, filtration, QA/QC, raw materials specification, clinical testing, and R&D.

Regular editorial coverage offers insights into the implications of new and pending regulations, the behind-the-scenes workings of the regulatory process, and the legal issues affecting product development and marketing. IVDT also analyzes critical business and marketing issues such as product liability, emerging markets, and other key trends.

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