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Published: May 8, 2013
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Top 10 Molecular Diagnostics Companies

Top 10 list of molecular diagnostics companies based on molecular-related revenues in 2012.

By: Maureen Kingsley

The following 10 names are the molecular-diagnostics industry’s heaviest hitters. Listed in descending order, these 10 firms brought in the greatest molecular-related revenues in 2012. (Update May 15, 2013: An error regarding Digene's ownership has been corrected.)
If you follow this industry, there won’t be any enormous surprises here. Bruce Carlson, Publisher, Kalorama Information, points out that these are the 10 companies “that have almost always showed up” on the list of molecular diagnostics’ biggest names. Carlson adds that “there are molecular applications in just about every segment of the IVD industry, yet the market is still controlled by one company [Roche], and only a handful of companies can boast significant success.”
Of the top 10, Hologic (thanks especially to its ownership of Gen-Probe) and Cepheid are among the faster-growing companies. And the gap between Number 10, bioMérieux, and Number 11, Luminex (not shown on the list), is significant at roughly $20 million.

And now, without further ado, here are the Top 10:

 1.     Roche Diagnostics

2.     Qiagen Netherlands (includes Digene)

3.     Becton Dickinson (BD)

4.     Novartis

5.     Abbott

6.     Hologic (includes Gen-Probe)

7.     Agilent/Dako

8.     Cepheid

9.     Siemens Healthcare

10.   bioMérieux

(List compiled by Kalorama Information, which has recently published a comprehensive market report on the worldwide molecular-dx market.)
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---Maureen Kingsley



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