BD Acquires Kiestra Lab Automation

BD Diagnostics announced the expansion of its microbiology portfolioto to include new automated instrumentation technologies that will enable the Company to offer innovative total lab automation solutions to hospitals and laboratories worldwide. The acquisition of Kiestra Lab Automation BV, a Netherlands-based company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells lab automation solutions for the microbiology lab, complements BD’s microbiology portfolio of instruments, reagents and supplies.

Kiestra is the leader in Total Lab Automation, and its solutions automate manual and time-consuming tasks within the microbiology laboratory to increase productivity, while still relying on the microbiologists’ technical expertise to deliver high-quality results.

“Microbiology labs are facing unprecedented challenges – including cost containment pressures and a shortage of qualified staff – while the need for faster delivery of more accurate results is increasing to ensure optimal patient care,” said Jamie Condie, Vice President and General Manager, BD Diagnostics – Diagnostic Systems.“The combination of BD’s broad portfolio of microbiology platforms, reagents and supplies with Kiestra’s automated instrumentation technologies will enable us to offer a more comprehensive microbiology lab solution to hospitals and laboratories worldwide.”

Kiestra offers two lines of automated solutions: Total Lab Automation (TLA) and Work Cell Automation (WCA). Kiestra developed the world’s first TLA solution for microbiology in 2007 as a high throughput and customizable track-based system. Kiestra’s Work Cell solutions offer customers a modular and scalable approach to automate their lab within current space and budget constraints. Kiestra currently has an installed base of instruments at public hospitals, universities and private labs in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Kuwait, Australia and New Zealand.

“We look forward to joining the BD team to expand automation across the entire microbiology and infectious disease testing process,” said Jetze Botma, Vice President, Microbiology Laboratory Automation, who served until the acquisition as CEO, Kiestra Lab Automation. “Together with BD, we now have the opportunity to integrate automation across microbiology informatics, instruments and consumables for maximum workflow efficiency, and have access to the global arena.”

-Richard Park

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