Cellanyx Diagnostics Seeking to Combine Various Methods for A Prostate-Cancer Dx Tool

As reported by MedCity News, Cellanyx Diagnostics is bringing together various methods to create a new, quantitative tool that would predict the aggression and metastatic potential of a tumor, which in turn would help doctors make more informed treatment decisions.
Its platform technology, based on doctoral-thesis work by Ashok Chander, a graduate of Columbia University, is the foundation of what it thinks would be a lab service leveraging matrix biology, biomarkers, lab-on-a-chip technology, and predictive analytics, MedCity News reports.
The technology has been validated in human epithelial tumor lines and in human tumors derived from mouse models of metastasis, Chander told MedCity News. “In addition to differentiating between cancer and non-cancer cell lines, Cellanyx’s technology can differentiate between different types of cancer cells like skin, lung, breast, colon and prostate.”
Cellanyx said the initial primary candidates for its test would be low- to moderate-risk men.
To help fund an initial validation study using frozen, banked prostate tissue biopsies, Cellanyx is using "crowdfunding" platform Indiegogo. The company hopes to raise $13,500 in donations to complement a round of financing from angel investors. Chander told MedCity News, “We hope that crowdfunding along the way will keep the public engaged and excited about our developments.”