International Joint Venture to Develop Novel Lung Cancer Dx

A new joint international venture hopes to breathe commercial life into a technology that tests human breath for the early diagnosis of lung cancer. The Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Alpha Szenszor of Carlisle, MA aim to combine their expertise in order to develop a noninvasive digital system for detecting lung cancer from exhaled volatile organic compounds.
The Technion’s Laboratory for Nanomaterial-Based Devices explores the use of advanced spectrometry and sensors to diagnose lung cancer and other diseases from human breath. Alpha Szenszor has developed CNTnose, a handheld device that analyzes VOC from exhaled breath using an internal database. The device determines within minutes whether the VOC contains a cancer-like signature, according to Alpha Szenszor. The CNTnose uses single-walled carbon nanotube sensors in a rolled-up graphite sheet. The technology provides digital detection of trace gases in low parts-per-billion concentrations for analyzing gaseous biomarkers, according to the company.
--John Conroy