JSR Life Sciences Begins Beta Testing ExoCap

JSR Life Sciences Corp. has begun beta testing of its ExoCap kit that enables the purification and elution of exosomes from serum, plasma, urine, and cell culture media. Exosome isolation is considered to be a highly promising technology for the noninvasive and early detection of cancer and infectious diseases, notes the company in a press release. The technology is based on the company’s Magnosphere magnetic particles and proprietary antibodies.

Exosomes are released by most cell types in the body including those that make up tissues and fluids. Because exosomes contain proteins and RNA, isolating them from blood or urine samples may offer a window into the cells that compose other parts of the body such as organs and tissues. This could result in earlier disease diagnosis and the elimination of invasive biopsies.

JSR Life Sciences’ magnetic bead-based ExoCap reportedly enables up to 77% faster and easier processing than ultracentrifuge and cleaner purification than precipitation methods. The solution also offers low nonspecific binding and the ability to elute intact exosomes.

The ExoCap kit includes a stabilizer buffer, conjugated Magnosphere magnetic beads, a wash buffer and multiple elution buffers for downstream assays. ExoCap is being beta tested at major research facilities in the United States.

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