Lophius Biosciences Successfully Concludes TB Test Proof of Principle, Receives Research Funding

Lophius Biosciences has announced the successful completion of its first clinical proof-of-principle study involving the detection of active tuberculosis (TB) by means of its T-Track TB test. The product is based on the company's proprietary Reverse T Cell (RT) technology.

The study, which was conducted in India with a cohort of 44 patients, showed that the T-Track TB test was able to detect active TB in 10 of 12 nontreated patients. In addition to the test's high sensitivity and specificity, it also demonstrated a turnaround time of two days, which compares favorably to currently used detection methods, notes the company in a press release.

In other news, Lophius Biosciences has been awarded research funding of €140,000 ($178,400) under the scope of the ZIM-solo-program from the German government. This funding should help to broaden the scope of the T-Track TB tests with respect to detection of latent TB and potential patient-monitoring of treated TB subjects.

The company will present first results at Medica next week in Düsseldorf, Germany.