Mass High Tech Picks Prostate Cancer Test Developer as Start-up to Watch

A fledgling IVD company focused on improving prostate cancer diagnosis has been chosen by Mass High Tech as one of five start-ups to watch in the publication’s new weekly selection of start-up stars. Boston-based Cellanyx Diagnostics says it is developing “a novel suite of biomarkers, microfluidic technology, and computations techniques” to provide “quantitative and objective” tests for prostate cancer. Cellanyx began developing the technology in 2009 and was the first runner-up at the 2011 MIT 100K in the life science’s category.
Cellanyx’s goal is to develop a lab service to help make more accurate prognoses possible before doctors and patients decide whether to proceed with radical prostate surgery. Physicians will receive two metrics, Cellaynx says. The first predicts the growth or cancerous potential of a biopsy, and the second predicts the biopsy’s potential for metastasis. Both are designed to help the doctor determine the best treatment plan.
---John Conroy