Pact Gives Chinese Lab Use of Veridex Cancer Assay for Clinical Research

A blood-based assay for diagnosing metastatic cancer will be available for clinical trials in China under the terms of an agreement between Veridex LLC and LabCorp Clinical Trials. The agreement gives Chinese researchers in LabCorp’s Beijing central laboratory access to Veridex’s Cellsearch circulating tumor cell (CTC) test. Veridex says the Cellsearch platform is the first and only IVD to capture and count CTCs for diagnosing metastatic breast, colorectal, or prostate cancer. The length and financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.
The number and type of CTCs in a patient’s blood can be used as an oncology biomarker in drug development programs in order to determine the effectiveness of cancer treatment, Veridex says. The Cellsearch assay can identify as few as one circulating tumor cell in a tube of blood, according to the Johnson & Johnson subsidiary. Veridex believes the technique could lead to improved disease monitoring and the development of personalized cancer therapy.

---John Conroy