The Personalized Medicine Revolution Is Near

The personalized medicine revolution is almost here, writes Narges Bani Asadi in a guest blog post on The founder and CEO of Bina Technologies, Asadi notes that "we are moving from the inefficient and experimental medicine of today toward the data-driven medicine of tomorrow . . . when diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and, most importantly, prevention will be tailored to individuals' genetic and phenotypic information."

Much has been accomplished—DNA sequencing technology is doing more and doing it faster than was even imaginable a few short years ago. But some key technological and medical advances need to happen for personalized medicine to meet its full potential, adds Asadi. Among these, he cites rapid, accurate, and low-cost DNA sequencing and secondary analysis; the big-data problem of matching mutation(s) to disease(s); and cross referencing genetic information with patient data.

In his article, Asadi provides estimated timeframes when these challenges will be overcome (think sooner rather than later) and the companies to watch in those spaces.

An informative and insightful article that is well worth your time.

Norbert Sparrow