Siemens Will Provide Remote-Servicing Capabilities for Clinical Laboratory Customers

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics announced the integration of Siemens Remote Services (SRS) into its existing product-level service model. Already available to Siemens Healthcare imaging diagnostics customers, SRS will help create a more unified customer experience by maximizing uptime for Siemens’ clinical laboratory customers and boosting lab efficiency, the company says.
Part of the Siemens Customer Care program, SRS is a bi-directional data connection between customers’ installed systems and the Siemens service organization. It is designed to increase instrument runtime, prevent unscheduled downtime, and ultimately help laboratories maintain normal departmental workflow. Certain maintenance services that had required onsite visits will now be performed remotely via data transfer, including error identification and repair. Additionally, SRS proactively monitors customers’ systems, seeking to detect issues before they interrupt operations, and can be used to initiate remote-desktop-sharing sessions upon request. SRS will also continuously push software updates.
SRS is being offered for the Dimension Vista 500 and 1500 intelligent lab systems, Advia Centaur CP and XP immunoassay systems, Advia 1800 and 2400 clinical chemistry systems, and Immulite 2000 and 2000 XPi immunoassay systems.