Video Demos Flu Diagnostics Device

In early November, we reported on OJ-Bio's technology for the rapid diagnosis of flu and respiratory conditions. The company, based in Newcastle, UK, had just secured funding from a government program to further development of the device. I met up with chief executive Dale Athey at Medica in Düsseldorf, Germany, where he showed me a prototype device and demonstrated how the final product will work.

Homecare is the target market for the device, which will be priced accordingly: about $20 for the reader and $3 for the cassette. "The platform can be adapted to various immunological tests," noted Athey, "and we have the capabilities to manufacture it in small volumes."

Flush with cash, the company is now engaged in product design and multichannel biochip development and further investigation into the reader and associated software.

Watch the video for a preview of how the device will work:


— Norbert Sparrow

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