Where's the Beef? Greiner Bio-One Can Tell You

One hundred percent beef? Really? Many Europeans are skeptical, and rightfully so, since horsemeat has been surreptitiously turning up in lasagne and other prepackaged foods. As outrage spreads among the continent's carnivores, Greiner Bio-One (Frickenhausen, Germany) has taken the opportunity to remind everyone that its CarnoCheck DNA test is being used at various European laboratories to confirm the contents of suspected food products.

Specializing in the development of molecular biology analysis methods, Greiner Bio-One has been offering the test since 2004. It enables the reliable and rapid detection of eight animal-based ingredients, including horsemeat, in food items. Unfortunately, depending on your perspective, business is booming.

The horsemeat scandal started in the United Kingdom and Ireland earlier this month and quickly spread across the continent. Most recently, Nestle announced that it was recalling pasta meals distributed in Spain and Italy, as it found traces of horse DNA after testing the product.

Norbert Sparrow