IVD Technology, Winter 2013, Volume 19, No. 1

February 2013

Winter 2013 issue of IVD Technology print publication

This Issue's Articles
MEMS fluidic interface standards advance miniaturization of IVD technology and integration of specialized electronic devices.
by: Mark Tondra, Mark Crockett, and Proyag Datta

Optimal architecture design enhances rapid product development and product performance.
by: Spencer Lovette, Jack Kessler, and Jerry Sevigny

Process reengineering combined with automation improves productivity, reliability, and provider and patient safety.
by: Robert P. Carlson

Everybody welcomes the adoption of risk-based classification rules based on GHTF guidelines, but too few people realize that this will represent a fundamental change in the way that IVD products are regulated.
by: Maurizio Suppo, PhD

An acute need for an appendicitis test attracted an IVD industry veteran to a Colorado firm with promising blood-based technology.
by: Interview by John Conroy

Approval trends for biomarker-based IVDs are among the best objective measures of progress in advancing personalized medicine.  
by: John Audette