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DX Directions: Advanced Assay Technologies and Development Methods

Various market reports and studies have concluded that the future for immunoassays is a mixed bag. In the clinical laboratory, mature assays will show moderate growth while emerging assays will fuel most of the growth in this IVD segment. However, all immunoassays will have to pass the test of medical research to demonstrate their contributions to improving patient outcomes. For example, increased knowledge of disease physiology derived from molecular biology and human genome studies will enhance the position of analytes used in chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, and diabetes. The function of genes is measured by the presence of tangible products, such as proteins of every size and molecular structure. Thus, immunoassays combined with DNA probe studies will have an important place in post-genomic medicine.

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DX Directions: Developing Microfluidic Applications for IVDs

Since their emergence in the early 1990s, microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip technologies were widely anticipated to revolutionize numerous industries through the development of a new generation of small, more efficient, and easier to use products. Today, it is evident that microfluidic products have so far only found success in certain niche applications, such as ink-jet printing and DNA sequencing. Nonetheless, recent advances in product design and material selection and engineering are revitalizing interest in microfluidics in IVD markets. Microfluidic products have the potential to meet significant unmet clinical needs and could have a dramatic effect on improving the cost-effectiveness and decentralization of healthcare. IVD microfluidic product-driven decentralization is a growing trend that deserves attention from not only product development groups, but also senior executives in the IVD and laboratory industries who must take the lead in ensuring long term strategic plans are suitable for a changing business landscape.

This special report includes feature articles that discuss the application of the latest, cutting edge microfluidic technologies in IVDs.

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DX Directions: Developing Companion Diagnostics for Personalized Medicine

This special report examines the critical issues regarding personalized medicine and the development of companion diagnostics, which could significantly affect the IVD industry's future.

In a series of articles by leading industry experts, this report provides in-depth analysis of technology, business and marketplace, regulations, reimbursement, and society and ethics and discusses how those issues may be played out in the IVD industry.

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