HIV seroconversion panels

SeraCare Life Sciences Inc.A company offers six new highly characterized seroconversion panels for current assay qualification. The HIV seroconversion panels feature enhanced product information, including Fiebig stage and fourth-generation screening-test results. Each panel consists of a set of undiluted plasma samples from a single plasma donor during a period of HIV seroconversion, and is ready to use in vials of 1.0 ml per patient sample. Data sheets for each panel list results from twenty U.S. and international test methods for markers of HIV infection, including HIV RNA, first- to fourth-generation screening tests for HIV, confirmatory tests, and a rapid discriminatory method. A seroconversion graph of critical data points is also included. Each panel consists of undiluted plasma samples from serial collections from a single deferred plasma donor during very early HIV infection. Panels with test data from multiple methods are vital for assay development and regulatory compliance. Extensively defined natural patient samples accelerate verification of new test methods, provide a common reference for assay comparison, and are valuable for troubleshooting existing assays.
SeraCare Life Sciences Inc.


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