Laser Micromachining

Resonetics LLC laser micromachining systemA laser micromachining system was developed for universities and corporate research to fabricate microfluidic, MEMs, and medical devices in a rapid prototype fashion, with tolerances approaching 1 micron. Traditionally, MEMs devices are fabricated using traditional semiconductor lithography, but the multistep process takes significant time. The RapidX250 system uses a multiwavelength excimer laser (193 nm and 248 nm) to directly fabricate the structures in a single step, drastically reducing prototype time. Compared with other lasers and methods, the RapidX250 is very flexible, able to microfabricate 2-D parts (flat sheets, tubes) and 3-D parts (balloons, nonplanar surfaces), including XYZ, theta, and goniometer. At 193 nm laser wavelength, the laser can cleanly ablate fluoropolymers (such as nylon, pebax, and Teflon), bioabsorbable polymers, and glass.
Resonetics LLC


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